Welcome Criminal Defense Attorney, J. Matthew Holson!

We are pleased to have criminal defense attorney, J. Matthew Holson, join our Martin & Wagner law team. Known for aggressively defending the rights of people charged with crimes of all types, Matthew been fighting MN criminal cases since 2004 including DWI, traffic violations, assault, and other misdemeanor and felony charges. He has dedicated his entire career to helping people navigate the court system backed by a deep understanding of Minnesota laws as well as criminal justice, which allows him to help fight for defendant's rights, reduce charges when possible, or get charges dismissed.

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Matthew accepts free half hour consultations, so if you have a question about a legal matter you or someone is facing, don't stand alone! Call an attorney who fights for your rights! 763-425-6330 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer: DWI | Assault | DWI | Felonies | Order for Protection Violations | Probation Violations Traffic Violations

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