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Child Custody

Often the most contentious aspect of any divorce or separation involves child custody. Disputes involving child custody can have a lasting emotional and stressful effect on you, your children, the rest of your family and your future relationship as co-parents. It is very important that any custody determinations be in the best interests of your children.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is making the health, education, religion, and general welfare decisions for your children. In Minnesota, there is a statutory presumption for joint legal custody, which means you and the other parent will equally share in making all these important decisions for your children. However, there are certain situations in which sole legal custody is in the best interests of the children. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will explain the differences between joint legal custody and sole legal custody and advise you which is most applicable to your case.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is the daily care, control, routine, and residence for your minor children. In Minnesota, there is no statutory presumption of physical custody; therefore, it can either be joint physical custody or sole physical custody depending on the circumstances of your family.

Resolving Your Child Custody Concerns

At Martin & Wagner, P.A., we understand how difficult these situations can be for everyone involved. Our child custody attorneys are sensitive to your concerns and the best interests of your children when advocating for your unique legal goals. 

Whether you're seeking joint or sole legal custody and/or physical custody, we help you understand the differences and significance of each by educating you regarding the "12 Best Interest Factors" a Minnesota Court must consider when determining custody labels.

Solutions That Work for You and Your Family for Years to Come

Our child custody attorneys, Becky MartinEthne Hedren and Melissa Bakeberg pursue the best outcome possible during mediation (state-mandated alternative dispute resolution (ADR)) and through all phases of divorce, paternity, third-party custody and other family law matters. Whether we are in the negotiation or litigation phase of your case, we seek to create a custody and parenting time agreement that meets your needs while also fully addressing the best interests of your child.

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