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Modifications & Enforcement

Child Support Modification & Enforcement Attorneys

Modification of Court Orders

Modify or enforce an order or to contest a modification or enforcement. We handle all matters related to motions for modification or enforcement of custody, parenting time/visitation, child support or spousal maintenance/alimony orders, preparing and filing all documentation required by the court and appearing on your behalf at all hearings or court proceedings.

Child Support Changes REV00

If you need to change child custody in Hennepin County, Sherburne County, Wright County, Anoka County, or any other MN County, our attorneys can assist you. We represent individuals in modification proceedings, including:

  • Modifications of support (child support and/or spousal maintenance) obligations stemming from:
    • job loss or change
    • increase or decrease of income
    • increase or decrease of living expenses
    • change in cost of daycare
    • change in availability and/or cost of health/dental insurance
    • emancipation of a child
    • birth of a non-joint child
  • Custody or parenting time (visitation) changes due to
    • Relocation requests
    • Requests for changes in parenting schedules due to job shift changes
    • Age of children

We also protect your interests in contempt of court proceedings or to enforce your rights under a court order.

Do You Want to Change a Child Custody Order?

Contact Martin & Wagner, P.A., by e-mail or call 763-425-6330 to schedule a free ½ hour consultation with an experienced Rogers, Minnesota, child support modification lawyer.

From our office in Rogers, Minnesota, we provide legal representation to clients throughout the Greater Metropolitan area including but not limited to Maple Grove, Albertville, Buffalo, St. Michael and other communities North and West of Minneapolis.



Child Support Changes REV00

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