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Crow River News Readers Choice Awards 2021 Best Attorney

Martin & Wagner Law has been nominated and won Best Attorney 8 years in a row! Thank you to everyone who voted. We work hard for our clients to get the best outcome possible and protect their rights under Minnesota Law. Crow River News annual Reader's Choice Awards includes St. Michael, Rogers, Albertville, Rockford, Medina, Corcoran, Hanover, Independence, Greenfield. 

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Martin & Wagner Voted Best Attorney in 2018 Reader's Choice Award!

Voted Elk River's Best Lawyer 6 Years in a Row

Thank you to everyone who voted Martin & Wagner the Best Attorneys in Elk River Star News annual Reader's Choice Awards! Readers vote on their favorite businesses in the annual publication and submit in categories for restaurants, tax professionals, attorneys, home builders, and more. Martin & Wagner has been nominated and won Best Attorney 6 years in a row! 

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Determining Parenting Time in Minnesota

Parenting time, once referred to as "visitation," is time that a parent spends with their child(ren)

As family law attorneys, we commonly see parents in conflict, sometimes major conflict, when attempting to establish a parenting time schedule. Whether unmarried parents who have separated or married parents who are getting divorced, it is extremely important for both parents to work together to set a parenting time schedule. If you can't do it together, with an attorney or a mediator, a judge will make the decision for you based on the best interests of the child(ren).

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Changing a Child’s School after Divorce in Minnesota

Change is an unavoidable consequence of any separation or divorce. There are a few obvious changes that children will inescapably experience including their family structure, time spent with parents and how/where they spend their time. Another change that can occur is in regards to where they go to school. While we strongly urge parents to try to prevent a change in their children's schools, as it most often comes with arguments between parents as well as a change in neighborhoods (and in turn affects their friendships), we know that this is not always possible.

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How Child Support is Determined in Minnesota

Divorce & Family Law Attorneys Base Child Support on MN Guidelines

Children need financial support from both parents. According to Minnesota law, a child has the right to be financially supported by both parents. Child support is ordered whenever a married couple with children divorces or legally separates or when an unmarried couple has a child and paternity is established. As divorce attorneys, we calculate child support based on the MN Child Support Guidelines.

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Who Gets the Engagement Ring in MN

This is one of the top ten most common questions we get asked as Divorce Attorneys!

Under Minnesota Law Who Gets the Engagement Ring Depends

Minnesota law states that "an engagement ring is a conditional gift" and the condition of the gift is marriage. So who gets the ring depends on if you're married or not married at the time of the break up and who bought the ring. That's the very simple answer though. Aside from etiquette, the law in Minnesota is clear on who gets the ring or the value of the ring regardless of who called off the wedding or ended the marriage.

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Debunking Divorce Myths

Are you, or someone you know, contemplating divorce, but scared to begin the process? Have you heard horror stories about divorce from friends or family? Divorce is a highly emotional event and every divorce is different. By educating yourself on the process of divorce, you will be in a better position to make this journey. Let us debunk some common divorce myths for you

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The Divorce Process In Minnesota

The first step in the Divorce Process is obviously making the decision to divorce. Whether or not to stay in an unhappy marriage can be a difficult decision. Once that decision is made,

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7 Tips To Help You Prepare For & Get Through The Divorce Process

It can be overwhelming when considering divorce and facing the legal process, but there are steps you can take to help you through so you can begin to find new life and growth in your future.

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Who Needs A Prenuptial Agreement?

Many people think the rich, the upper class, and the famous are the only couples who need or want a prenuptial agreement. In reality, average

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