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Initial Case Management Conference Instructions

This is usually the first hearing in your Court Matter. It is mandatory and must be held within 30 days of the initial filing of your Court case. This hearing most likely will not be heard before your assigned Judge/Referee. This is not a hearing to lose any sleep over.

  • Nothing will be decided by the Judge/Referee; he/she will not rule on any issue; there will be no arguments by counsel and no rulings made.
  • You won't have to speak unless the Judge/Referee asks you a question or if your lawyer needs to clarify something.
  • Only stipulations between the parties/legal counsels will be put on the record if agreed to between the parties/legal counsels.
  • The Court will ask that you voluntarily agree to participate in the:
  • ENE process (Custody and Parenting Time) please see separate handout
  • FENE process (Financials) please see separate handout

If both parties agree, an Order will be immediately issued for an ENE and/or FENE session.
In Anoka County and Hennepin County, the date of the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) is your default date (unless otherwise agreed to) for the Date of Separation for Valuation Purposes, which means this is the date all asset/debts/liabilities are to be valued.
Length: There is no way to predict the actual length of time you and your attorney will be at the Courthouse waiting for your case to be called, but the actual hearing itself should take no longer than 20 minutes. As a precaution, please always plan for approximately 3 hours in length.

How to Prepare: Your attorney will prepare and file your ICMC Data Sheet. You need to:

  • Please eat beforehand.
  • Wear business casual; no need to wear a suit but please look nice. If you wear a uniform to work, that is fine to wear to Court also as long as it is clean.

What to Bring:

  • Your calendar in order to schedule an ENE/FENE if applicable.
  • In Hennepin County - please bring cash for parking, if applicable.

Payment: No Court fee is required; your attorney's fees will be billed against your retainer being held in our trust account.

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