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What to Bring to Your First Meeting with Custody & Parenting Time Evaluator

  1. A picture of each child for the Evaluator to keep for their file.
  2. Name of each teacher for each child, as well as any recent report cards/progress notes on their schooling thus for.
  3. Name, Address and Phone Number of Dentists and Doctors for each child.
  4. Name, address and Phone Number of all counselors/therapists for each child.
  5. Name, Address and Phone Number of any daycare providers or babysitters that are over the age of 18 for the child(ren).
  6. Any calendars or records of parenting time if you have been keeping track.
  7. A List of important holidays for you and your family. Keep in mind that Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. are important to everyone but if your family always celebrates on a certain day that is something to provide.
  8. A short summary breakdown on each child; personality type, what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses; what activities they participate in, what hobbies do they enjoy, etc.
  9. Name, Address and Phone number of Collateral Contact. These are people you want the Evaluator to speak to who have seen you and/or your spouse interact with your child(ren) on a regular occasion.
  10. Anything else that you think is important and that the Evaluator needs to see or know.
  11. A positive attitude, you want the Evaluator to like you

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